Remember. Remember who you are. This is the most important message. It helps us determine how we act towards the world, the earth, and most importantly ourselves. This shot was taken during a photo shoot walk along main street santa monica about 6 months ago with my friend martin who told us that very day that he was leaving the states and would be building a farm to live "off the grid" in south america - remember who you are, really!

Light Leaks Magazine selects one of my photos!

i just found out that one of my favorite pieces is going to be in a photography magazine. it will be in the next issue of Ligh Leaks Magazine. The magazine focuses on black and white "alternative" photography. My piece, "alien life" will be in the "cliff-hangers" gallery of issue 10. check out the website at and buy a copy. it will be worth it if you love photography!

"alien life" was shot with my holga at the huntington library. the light leaks were in my favor that day . . .

this little guy was just sitting in the grass waiting for his portrait. i don't know why there was a porcelain dove in the grass but there was . . . .

Show in NYC gets extended

one of my painting with light pieces is in this show in nyc - i just found out that this show is being extended through July! The hotel apparently loves the show and wants to keep it up. So if you are in NYC in june or july, check it out at the Roger Smith Hotel!

and don't forget to checkout the show's blog at

when i took this - i had no idea the reflection would come out since the light level was so low. this wasn't a bad test of my digital camera setting knowledge. people must have thought i was crazy - but i am used to that!

the digital camera comes out again . . .

if david lynch had a cabin in the woods . . . this is what you would see there . . . . . i call it "david lynch's pet" . . .

jpeg magazine has a new challenge!

jpeg magazine ( has a new challenge . . . . couples on their sofa. so my friend said - hey, you have a photo or 2 for this . . . and you know what, she was right. i think i have a very good one too! what do you think?

New Show!

well, you'll never guess where my next show is . . . . New York City! can you imagine?!??! One of my painting with light pieces was selected by the show's curator, Karen Florek, to be part of the "Women Shooting Women: Contemporary Interpretations of Formal Portraiture" show. The show will be up at the Roger Smith Hotel from April 4 until June 29. If you are in the NYC area, stop by!

this one is from last year in san francisco at the presidio in the rain. this lonely chair haunted me. for some reason it made me think of compton unified . . . i did some work there in a fire damaged building and the haunting nature of the abandoned lockers, gym equipment . . . it had the same sense of loneliness.

trying out new equipment

i really like this silhouette shot - the very last shot of the day. there were so many peacocks at the arboretum, they were calling out to each other in that melancholy way that they do but none were showing off their beautiful feathers.

capturing beauty as it walks away

is there anything more beautiful than a peacock tail . . .

long lost post

so it has been a while, i admit. i think the holidays got the better of me, that or the numerous colds that have attacked me . . . well, i got a digital camera as a gift last year and have just completed a class on learning how to use it - off auto-pilot! i had my first afternoon shooting with it and i will be posting a couple of those images here for you to see. hope you like them.