The Photography Now show was great. We had a wonderful turn-out of over 200 people. We got a lot of great feedback and everyone had a great time. All shows should be this much fun!!!! This is shot of the group - the ones left after 10 pm that is!

this is the popular one from my Painting with Light Series. several people commented on this one - the texture and style. with all the accolades, i still can't seem to get real bites. why don't people want to purchase this print? i don't understand. if you like it, buy it! do people not realize how much printing, scanning, framing, film, paper . . . all of it . . . .costs? do they not realize how much time goes into a photograph and a print? do they not realize how much the equipment that you need costs?
new photographer to check out: - check out his Cuba photos. it is the last link under the "emotion" heading. he seems to be a wedding photographer by day . . . and was lucky enough visit cuba. i am so jealous!

i sent this one into lightleaks magazine last week . . . . i hope they pick it up. it would be nice to have a piece in a fine art photography magazine. several of my photos were in california architectural magazines a couple of years ago - but that isn't the same . . . . time for something new. don't you think?

Photograhy Now Blog goes live

I am happy to announce my next show on October 19th. I will have 8 small pieces on display in a salon-style show with 12 other local photographers. We have started a blog at for all our fans to gather more information on us. Check it out.