this one is from last year in san francisco at the presidio in the rain. this lonely chair haunted me. for some reason it made me think of compton unified . . . i did some work there in a fire damaged building and the haunting nature of the abandoned lockers, gym equipment . . . it had the same sense of loneliness.

trying out new equipment

i really like this silhouette shot - the very last shot of the day. there were so many peacocks at the arboretum, they were calling out to each other in that melancholy way that they do but none were showing off their beautiful feathers.

capturing beauty as it walks away

is there anything more beautiful than a peacock tail . . .

long lost post

so it has been a while, i admit. i think the holidays got the better of me, that or the numerous colds that have attacked me . . . well, i got a digital camera as a gift last year and have just completed a class on learning how to use it - off auto-pilot! i had my first afternoon shooting with it and i will be posting a couple of those images here for you to see. hope you like them.