The Photography Now show was great. We had a wonderful turn-out of over 200 people. We got a lot of great feedback and everyone had a great time. All shows should be this much fun!!!! This is shot of the group - the ones left after 10 pm that is!

this is the popular one from my Painting with Light Series. several people commented on this one - the texture and style. with all the accolades, i still can't seem to get real bites. why don't people want to purchase this print? i don't understand. if you like it, buy it! do people not realize how much printing, scanning, framing, film, paper . . . all of it . . . .costs? do they not realize how much time goes into a photograph and a print? do they not realize how much the equipment that you need costs?
new photographer to check out: - check out his Cuba photos. it is the last link under the "emotion" heading. he seems to be a wedding photographer by day . . . and was lucky enough visit cuba. i am so jealous!

i sent this one into lightleaks magazine last week . . . . i hope they pick it up. it would be nice to have a piece in a fine art photography magazine. several of my photos were in california architectural magazines a couple of years ago - but that isn't the same . . . . time for something new. don't you think?

Photograhy Now Blog goes live

I am happy to announce my next show on October 19th. I will have 8 small pieces on display in a salon-style show with 12 other local photographers. We have started a blog at for all our fans to gather more information on us. Check it out.

local photographer worth checking out

a coworker just shared her brother-in-law's website with me - beautiful work and some interesting venues in his resume - check out his site:

discovered this site thru FlakPhoto ezine

check this out - Dalton Rooney has some excellent BW photos here. I actually want to buy some.

another show for october!

I found out last night that one of my black and white photographs was selected in a competition.

The exhibit, Sacred Memory: Honoring the Dead Across Cultures, will take place at Pico House Gallery located at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument on October 19 and will continue through November 19.

That makes 2 shows in October. I would never have thought, back in 2006, that I would have pieces in 5 different shows in one year. I really can't believe it. The other show will start October 26th and run through November as well. I hope to get 2 to 3 pieces in this one.

Keep checking in for updates.
today is my first day in the world of blogging. i have hopes for this blog. hopes of sharing my photography with as many people as possible.