local photographer worth checking out

a coworker just shared her brother-in-law's website with me - beautiful work and some interesting venues in his resume - check out his site: http://graemefordyce.com/

discovered this site thru FlakPhoto ezine

check this out - http://www.seriouslyexcited.net. Dalton Rooney has some excellent BW photos here. I actually want to buy some.

another show for october!

I found out last night that one of my black and white photographs was selected in a competition.

The exhibit, Sacred Memory: Honoring the Dead Across Cultures, will take place at Pico House Gallery located at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument on October 19 and will continue through November 19.

That makes 2 shows in October. I would never have thought, back in 2006, that I would have pieces in 5 different shows in one year. I really can't believe it. The other show will start October 26th and run through November as well. I hope to get 2 to 3 pieces in this one.

Keep checking in for updates.
today is my first day in the world of blogging. i have hopes for this blog. hopes of sharing my photography with as many people as possible.